Create an Arrival Box when moving house

Make yourself an essentials box and label it clearly as “1st Day Essentials” for moving house – include a roll of toilet paper, a roll of paper towels, antibacterial cleaning wipes, a baggie containing some plasticware/paper plates, hand soap, hand towel, some simple snacks, scissors or a utility knife, a small first-aid kit with bandages and antibacterial ointment, a flashlight, and other items as necessary. The fact that this is the bucket that you will go to FIRST if you can’t find what you’re looking for means that it will be stocked with essentials.

We actually constructed two important Buckets: one included the coffeepot, coffee, creamer, and four mugs, and the other contained the rest of the supplies. No one in my house is going to be able to make it through the first part of the day without their morning coffee!

Most importantly take this box with you in your car and put it somewhere handy like the master bathroom or kitchen.  Don’t leave it with the removalist chances are it’ll get placed at the bottom of a huge stack of boxes.