Cool things to do in Autumn around Australia in 2021

Autumn is a strange time of the year. It’s not too hot and not too cold. It’s actually pretty good, to be honest. There’s a lot that can be done around your local city, or in this instance, Melbourne as the weather is still OK enough that you can do both indoor and outdoor activities.

When is Autumn in Australia?

Australia being far from many other places has totally different seasons to most other western countries. We have our autumn season during March, April, May each year. We call it Autumn and not Fall.

Check out a gig at your local venue

Bands stop for no one. There will be band gigs all over Australia any time of the year, but in 2021, supporting your local music scene is now more important than ever, with many venues closing all over the country, it’s never been more important to support local music!

Even international artist touring has been affected due to quarantine rules between different countries and states. A local gig is a great way to support local business and local artists.

Check out the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Every year this is March, and this year it is Saturday the 6th of March. The most famous part of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is its street parade which is a “spectacular celebration of pride, protest, passion and diversity.” This year it will be inside the Sydney Cricket Ground. This will be a great tribute to Australia’s LGBTIQA+ Community.

Celebrate Mother’s Day

In Australia, Mother’s Day is in May, and this year it will be on the 9th of May and it is always a Sunday. You should do something nice with your mum. If you don’t have a mum available, another mother in your life, such as your partner will also do. Take them out for brunch at a local cafe or make them breakfast in bed. If you have kids, you can make them do all the work.

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Let’s get pissed and celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, the famous Irish tradition. This falls on the 17th of March and is very popular in Australia. You can go to pretty much any place that serves alcohol and they’ll have some kind of beer special going. You can have a lot of fun at these events, even if you’re not Irish and have never been there. It’s a very open event for all to enjoy. At least, as long as you’re over 18, the legal drinking age.

Melbourne Comedy Festival

Take a while to loosen up, as well as have an excellent laugh, getting away right into the world of funny. The Melbourne International Comedy Celebration requires a series of programs as well as acts that will have you giggling all night long. Showcasing international and also Australian comics, you will see a selection of humour and also wit throughout the celebration.

Experience Nature

Go for a ride on your bike, walk your dog or go for a jog. There’s going to be lots of beautiful autumns leaves to check out. Jumping into piles of leaves or puddles is always a lot of fun and it doesn’t cost a cent! just make sure you don’t get too dirty or your dry cleaning might be expensive!

More things to do in Autumn

There will always be different things to do at various attractions like zoos, movie theatres, museums, art galleries and there’s always going to be lots of places to go and dine out. You should go and do as much as you can to support local businesses and tourist spots. But be careful of catching the ‘rona.



What Do You Have To Do When An Customer Pays Your Invoice Within 14 days?

The customer pays an invoice within 14 days

After you have sent the invoice to the customer and booked the revenue with your boekhouder, it is critical to manage your so-called debtors. Those are the ones from whom you still receive money. A payment date is always stated on an invoice date. Especially if you have a boekhouder Groningen or a boekhouder Amersfoort,  The client usually receives 14 to 30 days to pay the invoice. It is wise to keep a close eye on your debtors: as soon as they do not pay or pay later, it becomes more difficult for you to pay the bills. Your € 121 debtor pays the bill, ka-ching! And now?

The most accounting packages have a link with your bank account

In most accounting packages there is a link with your bank account. They ensure that at least all transactions on your bank account are entered into your administration, but it is often the case that you have to put the payments aside as well. In this case, you simply want to say in your administration that this particular debtor has paid his bill. The amount in your bank account has increased and so the amount in your debtor account (# 1300) decreases.

  • It is wise to ask your customers to include an invoice number (and possibly a debtor number) with their payment. In this way you can easily identify which invoice has been paid and which is not.

How do you know in advance how much sales tax (VAT) you have to pay or get back?

The quarter is over and you will receive a notification from the tax authorities that it is time to declare sales tax. That should not come as a surprise, because you are the one who has the administration in order.

For sales tax it is important to know that it concerns invoices within a period and not cash receipts or payments. That is why I indicated earlier that when you book an invoice for revenue or costs, you must reserve a part for the Tax Authorities. Before you state the sales tax you must be sure that you have posted all invoices. In the examples given earlier, it has become clear that you still have to pay money to the tax authorities.