When I wrote about the circus, I talked about how cool the circus was, how much fun it looks like it is and about tradition.   Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to continue that tradition with our kids for a variety of reasons.  I’ve always wanted to, though, because childhood memories like that last a life time.  It’s what helps continue those traditions.  They stay in their lives forever. They make them want to take their own kids to the circus. To experience all the joy and excitement.

As parents, we all want to provide those moments and experiences that our children will keep for a lifetime.  Memories of snips, snails & puppydog tails, sugar, spice & everything nice.  Memories that tide them over during those not so good times, of course.  Memories that they can’t wait to share with their own kids.    So I cannot WAIT to share this with you – because as I mentioned before, I’ll be in Boston the same weekend as Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus! annnnnnnnnd NOW so will my kids because we’re getting to take them to the CIRCUS!!!  I’m sooo excited!  Seriously, cannot WAIT excited.

My kids have been watching that souvenir DVD that we’d gotten last month, and every time they watch it, they come to tell me about something SO COOL about what they’ve seen.  The lions, the tigers, the bears (Oh My!) – but oh yeah “Hey mom – DID YOU KNOW they’ve got elephants??!” LOL  It’s so funny to hear and see such enthusiasm over a DVD – and they have NO IDEA that they’re gonna get to see it in person.


I really am psyched, can you tell?  BlogHer Reach Out Tour on Saturday – THE CIRCUS on Sunday! WoooohoooO!

Ohhhhh and! For my local readers! I’m SO excited to share with you that I’ve got an extra FOUR tickets to share with 1 lucky family for the Boston show!  FOUR tickets for the Circus! Are you psyched too!?

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Wanna win?

Between today and next Sunday (Oct 5), if you’d like to win these tickets to bring such awesome memories to your kids’ lives, enter below by telling me what you feel your kids’ favorite thing will be at the circus.  Be sure you can make it to the BOSTON, MA show, too :)

    • Also, MomCentral just scored another cool discount for you Bostonites for the Columbus Day weekend shows. Use the code MOM and score $10 off per ticket if people buy tickets online for the Columbus Day show.