My choice for June Perfect Post award

Jul-1-2008 By Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You

popping..One of the best things about twitter is the fact that it connects you to so many people that are normally not within your realm.  As such, I happened upon a blog post by Her Bad Mother last week that had my heart pounding in my chest and tears in my eyes, because I could feel her anxiety, her fear, her helplessness.  As I read The Closer You Are to Fine, I became not just a fan, but one of her confidants.  I became her friend, her sister, her neighbor.  I wanted nothing more than to hug her and tell her that she’d be ok – and that her baby would be ok.

And you can manage the constricted heart and the withholding of breath until you get there, to the hospital, but once your baby – your tiny, tiny baby – has been stripped of his tiny clothes and is laying naked on the hospital bed – a vast expanse of cold sheet beneath his tiny frame – the machines looming, menacing, around him, you struggle. You crouch beside him, cradling his head and nuzzling his cheek, babbling whispers of love into his ear, willing him to not cry, to not squirm, to let this be over, fast.

That’s the stuff of great writing.  That’s why I nominated Her Bad Mother for the June Perfect Post award, made possible by the Letter T, the Number 4 and the friendly folks at Petroville and Suburban Turmoil.
You can visit them to see more of this month’s Perfect Post awards, too.  But before you do, seriously – go read “The Closer You Are to Fine” first (and then her followup).

On reading more of her latest blog posts, I’m coming to realize that I really wasn’t the only one who thought that breastfeeding wasn’t the easiest thing on earth (but pushed through it anyway, despite the pain), that being post-partum with a baby and other kids is really freakin HARD, and that life, in general, is harder with a new baby. Motherhood is hard.   I wish her the best.

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