Reality check 

Have you met Lisa? I hadn’t until today, when I learned that Lisa has cancer. Again. Lisa is battling cancer for the THIRD TIME. How ridiculous is that? How completely unfair is that? It’s bullshit, truly. She isn’t asking for sympathy. She’s asking for gratitude. She wants you to leave a comment abuot something you’re grateful for. So I did.

However, someone else IS asking for something. Miss Ann Thrope is asking for donations so that Lisa can take her beautiful children to Disney. She’s offering raffle tickets, but seriously, who cares about prizes when it’s to help out a MOM. I’ve already donated what I could, but I’m also going to be offering a prize as well [a framed print of one of my faaaaabulous pictures] and I’ve made this button to spread awareness for this project. Take the button, put it on your site, point it to Miss Ann Thrope’s site. Blog about Lisa, blog about Miss Ann Thrope, blog about your great Aunt Sally’s bout with cancer. Just spread the word. Thanks to Karen Sugarpants for the headsup about this whole thing.

They will collection donations until the end of April, but do NOT WAIT until then to donate. Do it now, while you’re thinking of it. Do it now so that you can say you did. Just do it. You know you can. It doesn’t matter how much. Just Do It

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