We’re having a party

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Hi there! C’mon in, sit down – would you like something to drink? Coffee? Tea? Coffee Milk? What? You’ve never heard of Coffee Milk?? Sheesh – Coffee Milk is a STAPLE where I come from – the littlest state – Rhode Island. I’m currently living in Northern New Hampshire, though, where hubby & I live with our beautiful children.

My blog is mostly about my bizarre life as a stay at home mom, wife and maid. My life revolves around my kids (11, 4 & 1) as I attempt to homeschool the two oldest and explore the path that is next in life. I’ve been a stay at home mom for almost all of my son’s 11-1/2 years – before that, I did secretarial work, and during his 11-1/2 years, I’ve done lots of stuff while being at home, including web design, graphics design and oh yeah, Walmart. My youngest son, who just turned 1, is not completely dependant upon me anymore, so I am looking forward to exploring who *I* am now that this chapter is winding up. The thing that seems to be most likely right now is photography – which is something I truly enjoy, so you’ll find LOTS of photos here and at my photography blog.

So, enjoy your stay here – add me to your blog roll, feed reader – whatever

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EDITED – HEY! I’ve decided to offer a prize for the Ultimate Blog Party! Be sure to check out the prize listing to see all the really great stuff that’s being offered!

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