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Aug-18-2007 By Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You

popping..I sat down with my coffee this morning and as usual, the first thing I do is log into my admin panel of the blog to see if there’s anyone linking to me. And lo & behold, there were a whole lot! Well, a whole lot to me, anyway :) And rather than try to put them in seperate posts or forget, I’ve decided to put everything in one post. So grab a cuppa and come back – I’ll wait.

You’re back? Oh good – what’d you get?

First on my list was actually someone I noticed last week and then got distracted and didn’t mention her. I’m sorry. *sniffle* But here is what Jenny from Up the Hill Gang had to say about yours truly while spreading some linky love:

# Coming to a Nursery Near You: Anyone who holds on to something like this and takes photos during the whole process and then blogs it has got to be one cool gal! lol!! Love, love, love this post…way too funny!!

All I can say is, Jenny, after 3 kids – that ant farm isn’t the grossest thing I’ve had in my hands LOL

Then both Melody at Slurping Life & Steph at Mommy Musings both tagged or blagged me for the same meme – 8 Things. Not only am I going to cheat and only do 8 things, I’m probably never going to be able to come up with 8 people to tag, never mind 16! LOL

I haven’t had very many exciting jobs, so I’ve decided to do 8 recipes I love to make. :)

  1. Dawn’s lazyass crockpot chicken: This is such an awesome dinner that’s thrown together in 10 minutes! The only problem is, there’s never any leftovers!
  2. Crispy wings with asian dipping sauce: I know – sounds kinda weird, but it’s just awesome. I love chicken wings in pretty much any way, but these, combined with the peanut butter – it’s just a really GOOD combination. No – really! It is!
  3. Pepper Stuffed Chicken Breasts: These take a little bit of work, and if you’re susceptible to migraines, you might want to leave out the feta cheese, or substitute it for something else, but otherwise, a really good, satisfying dinner. Even my picky kids like it.
  4. London Broil au jus: I love cow! Steak in particular. This recipe was so good, my mom even asked for the recipe, and she doesn’t usually like to try “new” stuff. :)
  5. Steak w/roasted garlic gravy. I haven’t put this on the website yet, but it’s just awesome. London broil or some other thick steak that you’ve left mostly frozen – then you slice it thin, cook it quickly in some butter, then serve with a package of
    McCormick Roasted Garlic Gravy for Steak and some mashed potatoes (usually from a box in my house LOL). I can start this at 4:30pm and have it ready when hubby walks in the door at 5:05.
  6. American Chop Suey – I’m sure most families have a recipe for this in their arsenal. Mine is made with 2 cans of whole tomatoes that you’ve hand crushed, leaving nice chunks. A lb of hamburger, browned with an onion and some crushed garlic. Just let it simmer while you cook the spaghetti – YES, spaghetti :) Oh, and garlic salt & onion powder! Can’t forget those :)
  7. McCormick has another seasoning mix that I adore – it’s Grill Mates Chipotle Pepper marinade. I throw a couple of lbs of boneless chicken breasts in this marinade, let it sit in the fridge all day. Then at dinner time, I throw them on the grill, and they’re out of this world! Almost as good as..
  8. A+ Southwest Chicken, courtesy of my friend Karen over at Pediascribe. In fact, I think I’ll make this tonight. It’s just fabbbbulous! LOL

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So anyway, there’s my 8. I am tagging: Jenny, Karen, Skittles, My sister Heather, My best friend Angel, (is that 8 yet?) ummm oh and The mama of the Pinks & Blues Girls, Sharon, Stacey annnnnd Deb (mom of 3). Have fun, ladies!