Not so wordless wednesday

August 8th, 2007

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At Christmas, a friend of ours gave my son a really cool gift. It was an Antworks Ant Farm, by ThinkGeek. Seeing as we live in Northern Siberia, we waited a few months to order the ants to go into it, though, because otherwise, we’d have wound up with frozen ant pellets in the mailbox.
When they arrived, we (quickly) popped them into their new little home and waited in wide-eyed wonder for them to do something. They checked out their new digs and within 24 hours, had started getting comfy.
They seemed to be enjoying their lives in their little anty habitat. And then, a couple of months ago, I noticed that things weren’t all happy in AntyWood anymore. Something had happened. Something…. bad.

I, being the snarky person I am, even wrote about it on our homeschool blog. However, that was pretty much the end of my research on the subject. (short attention span, doncha know)

The kids had stopped looking at their neat new toy because it was getting pretty gross to look at.

I can’t say that I blame them.
AntyWood was moved into our room. And things continued to deteriorate – literally.
Yesterday, I took new pictures of the Antworks and sent them, along with an email to the company, just wanting to show them – look – ew – gross. I was wondering if they had any ideas as to what might have happened. Because most of the ants are *gone* and I think they’ve gone into that *Thing* in there. Hubby & I have hypothesized that perhaps it’s the equivalent of Pet Cemetary, but hey… who knows.
It’s *really* gross now.
Here was the response from thinkGeek.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Dawn. That…is truly disgusting. That might actually be the most disgusting thing anyone has ever sent us. Please provide your order number so I can send you another Antworks. Alternately, I can have a store credit for its value issued to you. Either way, please dispose of the Antworks — you don’t need to send it back to us. I beg of you, please do not send that Antworks back to us. It’s really, eally gross. Thanks.

Other than being really funny, I thought it was really nice that they’d offer to replace it. Seeing as it was a gift, we don’t have the order # so I don’t know that we’ll get another one, but I just thought the response was just too funny not to share. They could have easily said “Hey, tough luck – it’s been 8 months, what do you want from us???”

So, this is my Wordless – and totally NOT wordless wednesday posting as well because I just have too much to tell you today and had to combine some stuff LOL

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