Updating from our weekend… oy

  • Why do I need 2 days to recover from 2 days away?
  • Do not stay at the Knight’s Inn in Seekonk, MA unless you enjoy having your credit card-confirmed reservation disappear, you enjoy being woken up at 4am by people who obviously don’t sleep, and you also enjoy being told one price and being charged another. Also, don’t plan on taking your children swimming at 9am when you were told the pool opens – instead, wait until 10:45, when the pool actually opens, 15 minutes before check-out. Oh, and the bureaus in the photos? Not even one. Or an alarm clock – that alarm clock was actually in the room NEXT DOOR and it went off promptly at midnight. No one was in there to hear it – but we did.
  • Do not take your two children, neither of whom can swim, into the swimming pool by yourself. Because what will happen is that one will venture too close to the “deep” end (4 ft) and will panic and let go of his swim noodle and go under – and you will be forced to let go of your other child, who up until that point, was doing FINE with her own swim noodle, and you will get to see the look of panic and fear on both your children’s faces when they BOTH GO UNDER AT THE SAME F’ING TIME. And you will be eternally grateful to the man who grabs your son that you have to leave in order to grab the daughter out of the water.
  • Zoloft, anyone?
  • hate my mother’s bird.
  • hate my brother’s work schedule.
  • My nephews are the cutest nephews in the whole world.
  • I think my hernia’s back.
  • My teeth are infected again, so I’m supposed to have them out on Monday (to the tune of $250 per tooth, plus $200 for nitrous) – THREE OF THEM.
  • My mom is coming to visit on Monday.
  • My ex-husband is coming to visit next Saturday.
  • My son is having a Lemonade stand, courtesy of the Sunkist Take a Stand program, on Sunday at the Farmer’s Market and donating the proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association, in memory of his grand-grandmother, my Nana.

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