Please help

I found this today on The Parent Bloggers Network and went over to see what was what.

Now, I sit here crying because this woman has to deal with so, so much right now. I can easily put myself into her shoes through her writing (especially this post.

She doesn’t want pity – although I can’t help but feel so bad for her. Perhaps it’s because I’m back in my dark place and my emotions are very raw again. I am finding it hard to even fathom what I would be like in her shoes, but I know she’s handling it a hell of a lot better than I ever could.

My nana had breast cancer – and she kicked it’s ass. My mom has had to have a breast biopsy because of something rather disturbing growing in there. I simply wait in line for my experience … but I simply CAN NOT FATHOM doing it while nursing my sweet baby boy.

And although it’s a day early, I’ve also nominated her for the June Perfect Post award (offered by Surburban Turmoil & MommaK), because it did make me cry… and not much usually does that – except for the two child death posts that I read on Friday *and I can’t go there*.

So please, grab this and put it on your blogs to show support for Team WhyMommy and then go over there and offer her some encouraging words in her comments. She needs them.

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