Three Things I Want My Kids to …


  1. Their dad’s musical talent. My oldest son’s already mostly there – he is learning to play his $28 walmart kid guitar BY EAR, the little creep. Of course, my addled brain only hears “BLANG! plink plink BLANG!” but he totally knows what he’s playing, and of course, so does his father. My 10 yr old little BIG boy, however, came to me last night and started playing “Running with the Devil” and Mom Actually Knew What He Was Playing. Gone are the days of Twinkle, Twinkle (which were last week, I believe) – he’s moved into classic rock!
  2. My sense of commitment. Now, I’m not saying their dad ISN’T into commitment (he should be committed?) – but seriously, people. I’ve been in THREE two & a half serious relationships my whole life. Two of them have encompassed the last TWENTY SIX YEARS of my life. When you consider that I’m 40, that’s a lot of commitment. (Hmmm, maybe I’m the one who should be committed?) Any way, I digress. I want them to have my sense of working things out, sitting through the rough stuff, not running away when things get yucky because it’s easier. Committing yourself to a relationship takes hard work, but having that special someone who’s got your back – priceless.
  3. and finally, the third thing I want them to inherit….is the millions of dollars that their parents will leave to them after they die many years after hubby strikes it rich after having finally pursued his dream of becoming a PAID songwriter! :)
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