Coming to a Nursery Near You

And it’s gonna be HERE!

Yes folks, I’ve agreed to host a Recipe Carnival here at the Nursery! I’ve picked a BBQ theme, in honor of summertime, so here’s all you do.

On or by July 12th, post your favorite BBQ recipe (that means anything with BBQ sauce slathered on it or the sauce itself!) on your blog and send the URL of the post to me at dawniemom at gmail dot com and on July 15th, I’ll post ALL the entries here. Then you can come by and drool over and copy down some fantastic BBQ recipes to subject surprise your families with!:)

Entries with photos get extra points (even though… the points don’t mean anything LOL)

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How would you feel?

As you know, we homeschool. There are very few websites that my son is allowed to go to unattended. One of the websites I allow him to use to do “school work” is a place called – (I’m not linking to them because I don’t want them coming here to follow where their traffic is coming from LOL)

We’ve used this site for years – he loves it, and I enjoy the fact that they keep his “certificates” so I can go back and print them out to show the work he’s done.

I was doing so on Friday when I logged into his account and was stunned to see an advertisement banner that went the length of the page advertising a rated R movie. The banner was animated (of course) and ran through the words “abduction”, “captivity”, “torture”, “termination”. All the while, a girl’s face is behind a cage, and there’s tears running down her face. There were also the words “Watch the Trailer” in red. I went and watched the trailer, which admittedly, was rated E for everyone… but was still very INTENSE even if it didn’t show anything “bad”.

As soon as I realized it, I ripped off an email to the website, complaining about the content of the banner and its inappropriateness for a children’s website. I was pissed!

Dear Dumbasses content editors: was quite taken aback today when I logged onto my son’s account to print out some of his certificates for his homeschool evaluator and found an ad for a Rated R movie, along with links to the trailer, on the site. I find this to be completely inappropriate content for what could be preschool children, and I felt you needed to know this.The ad itself is very provocative, and scary to my 4 year old. My 10 year old would naturally click the link because he thinks he’s on a safe site.

I’m VERY disappointed.

My Name

At the same time, I IM’d hubby about it – he immediately went to the website and was able to get this screen shot:

To their credit, I received a reply to my email rather quickly. It stated:

Dear my name,

Thank you for contacting us. Advertising on the internet is often a random exercise where people use advertising networks to put out their message to as many people as possible not knowing exactly who will be viewing those ads. We also do not know in advance nor get the opportunity to pre-screen ads before they appear on our site.

With that in mind, we constantly monitor the ads on and notify the networks to remove ads from our ad feed that are obviously not intended for grade school age children . We will remove the ad in question as soon as possible.

Thank you once again for expressing your opinion to us. Keep in mind, if you subscribe to, all advertising is removed. We need to have our site supported financially and give you the choice as to how that happens.


their name

Learning Skills for Life

Apparently, learning skills for escaping abduction, captivity, torture & termination, too.

I guess my whole issue is that I should not HAVE to pay for a membership just to be assured that their content is safe for my kids. Am I overreacting? I don’t think so. I pay very close attention to the things that my children are exposed to. It’s the MAIN reason why we do not even have cable television. Because it would admittedly be very difficult to keep tabs on both kids with so many channels, etc. So we just don’t have it. They get their ads forcefed to them by having friends tape stuff for us via their tivo and slingbox contraption LOL But they don’t’ channel surf. They’re not allowed on the internet unattended if it isn’t an “approved” website (noggin, pbskids, etc.) Are they still exposed to some stuff? Sure… I seriously think they see way too much violence even on their cartoons (no, not sex and violins) – but even on those, I limit their intake. So why should I worry about an educational website?