Sauna Do’s And Don’ts

Entering your first public steam space or sauna can be an intimidating social experience. In naked saunas, that feeling can grow tenfold.



Do bring in a towel.

In any steam room or public sauna, you always want to carry in a towel to rest on. This is considered most hygienic and an essential aspect of sauna rules. Whether you’re naked or not, bringing in a towel shows you know what you’re doing.

Do shower.

Always take a shower before sauna usage. Some medical spas will even supervise their visitors as they get in the shower and prior to entering the sauna.

Bring your personal products.

Most of the saunas have special preparation spaces or locations prior to going to the actual heat. Bring those personal items that make you see comfier: your own towel, shower gel or hair shampoo, slippers to walk within and a sauna hat.

Have comfy clothes.

Have comfy and loose clothing prepared which you will place on after the sauna. The heat and continuous change in between hot and cold will leave you feeling relaxed and indolent, nearly a bit worn out. Squeezing yourself into tight denim of official clothes after a great sauna goes to can be the worst concept you can offer yourself. Linen or cotton clothes will feel the comfiest to your skin after the sauna.

Dress the part

This isn’t a Scandinavian sauna, and nobody wishes to see what you have got under the towel. Either leave the towel on or wear a swimsuit!

Ask first– If you want to change ANYTHING (heat, steam, etc.) ask. The last thing you want is to piss off individuals sharing the sauna with you.


Spit— It might be enjoyable to hear your saliva sizzle on the rocks, but that’s poor sauna rules. Water is the only thing to touch those rocks!

Over-water the rocks— If you put too much water onto the rocks, you can fill the room with extreme heat and make it uncomfortable for those who choose the steam. Ask the others in the space if they desire more heat/steam before splashing water!

Bring your electronics– Not just will they be harmed by the heat and steam, however, you’ll frustrate your fellow sauna-goers if you start chatting, texting, or playing video games.

Be Singing While You’re Relaxing.

Everyone gets it, relaxing can feel terrific, especially after a rough day. You should not groan, moan, or make loud sounds while you’re relaxing. This is a really quick way to annoy other people.

Overwatering the stones will make space fill up with heat as opposed to steam. While you would choose the heat, it will be uncomfortable for those who prefer the steam.

Sit still or lie still. Working out is not allowed in the steam room, nor is moving up and down all the time. The guideline of the thumb is if you can not sit still, leave the room!

Do not over-relax. Yes, the sensation of simply sitting there and unwinding while sweating everything away is wonderful, to state the least. However, if you go making those groans, groans, and sighs aloud, you will be going way overboard. Just bear in mind that individuals love their solitude as they sweat and relax all the tension away.

Respect everyone’s personal space. It’s easy to get carried away in a sauna and get as relaxed as possible, however, if there are other individuals in there with you, try not to sprawl yourself all over the seats. 

If someone is a little shy, they may see you using up the seats, be too scared to ask you to move and then not get in at all. Saunas are meant to be taken pleasure by everyone!

Don’t use water without asking. Applying water to the sauna stones/stove will increase both the heat and the quantity of steam in a sauna. While you might like it red hot, that doesn’t suggest everybody else in there does.

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