What Do You Have To Do When An Customer Pays Your Invoice Within 14 days?

The customer pays an invoice within 14 days

After you have sent the invoice to the customer and booked the revenue with your boekhouder, it is critical to manage your so-called debtors. Those are the ones from whom you still receive money. A payment date is always stated on an invoice date. Especially if you have a boekhouder Groningen or a boekhouder Amersfoort,  The client usually receives 14 to 30 days to pay the invoice. It is wise to keep a close eye on your debtors: as soon as they do not pay or pay later, it becomes more difficult for you to pay the bills. Your € 121 debtor pays the bill, ka-ching! And now?

The most accounting packages have a link with your bank account

In most accounting packages there is a link with your bank account. They ensure that at least all transactions on your bank account are entered into your administration, but it is often the case that you have to put the payments aside as well. In this case, you simply want to say in your administration that this particular debtor has paid his bill. The amount in your bank account has increased and so the amount in your debtor account (# 1300) decreases.

  • It is wise to ask your customers to include an invoice number (and possibly a debtor number) with their payment. In this way you can easily identify which invoice has been paid and which is not.

How do you know in advance how much sales tax (VAT) you have to pay or get back?

The quarter is over and you will receive a notification from the tax authorities that it is time to declare sales tax. That should not come as a surprise, because you are the one who has the administration in order.

For sales tax it is important to know that it concerns invoices within a period and not cash receipts or payments. That is why I indicated earlier that when you book an invoice for revenue or costs, you must reserve a part for the Tax Authorities. Before you state the sales tax you must be sure that you have posted all invoices. In the examples given earlier, it has become clear that you still have to pay money to the tax authorities.

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